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Mission Rubber FKM Chemical Resistance Guide

Fluoroelastomer (FKM) resists over 300 different chemicals. Our Flouroelastomer (FKM) database is derived from various polymer suppliers, rubber manufacturers, and reputable industry sources. It is to be used only as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical

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 · 100ml chemical acid hose and alkaline chemical hose | s & d chemical hose Application: Chemical hoses, resistant to acid and alkali, to transport air, hot water and non-corrosive chemicals. ... Many types of polymers are available in different grades that vary greatly in chemical resistance. FKM (14) ACM Important Note: The chemical resistance ...

Chemical Compatibility Database from Cole-Parmer

The information in this chart has been supplied to Cole-Parmer by other reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the equipment with the chemicals and under the specific conditions of your application.

Versilon™ F-5500-A Severe Environment Tubing | U.S ...

Hose Barb Fittings. ... Made of a proprietary fluoroelastomer, Versilon™ Severe Environment Tubing has both the physical and chemical characteristics that make it ideal for severe environments, such as dry cleaning fluid lines and solvent recovery systems. ... Other Fluoroelastomer Tubing (Viton™, PTFE & FKM) Saint-Gobain FKM White Tubing.

Fluoroelastomers (FKM) / FKM Viton - Rubber

FKM provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, heat and oil, while providing useful service life above 200°C. FKM are not a single entity but a family of fluoropolymer rubbers. Fluoroelastomers or FKM (sometimes also referred to as FKM Viton) can be classified by their fluorine content, 66%, 68%, & 70% respectively.

1 Material Solutions – Turbo, EGR System - DuPont

Material Solutions – Turbo, EGR System. 12 ... FKM Viton ® used as inside layer for chemical resistance. Typical Elastomeric Hose Constructions. Fiber – Burst strength & heat resistance . Elastomer – Chemical & heat resistance. 15. TC System – With Air Ducts and Hoses Highlighted.

Fluoroelastomers Manufacturer | Goodyear Rubber Company

Fuoroelastomers are known as FKM, categorized under ASTM designation. FKM tubing or hoses are recommended in automotive and other transportation applications. FKM O-rings are alternative to Nitrile rubber products in automobile engines with much higher temperature and chemical resistant applications. Fluoroelastomers Information and Specs

Hoses for peristaltic hose pump | Albin Pump

The characteristics of ALBIN hoses enable them to last approximately 30% longer than other hoses on the market. They also fit the majority of other hose pumps. 7 materials are available for ALH and ALP hose pump : - NR > Natural Rubber (White marking) : High resistance abrasion, the most polyvalent.

2:1 Viton Heatshrink Tubing -

2:1 Viton® Heatshrink. Shrinkflex Viton® is a flexible rubber-like fluoroelastomer heat-shrinkable tubing used for protecting wiring, bundling, harnessing and component covers …

Chemical products hose Real IVG Colbachini

softwall hose mainly used in the petrochemical industry for the delivery of a wide range of chemical products with high concentrations, combustible aromatics, hot oils and solvents. Especially designed for the petrochemical industry.

FKM Rubber vs. PTFE ::

FKM rubber belongs to the thermoset elastomers (rubber) classification, while PTFE belongs to the thermoplastics. There are 7 material properties with values for both materials. Properties with values for just one material (12, in this case) are not shown. For each property being compared, the top bar is FKM rubber and the bottom bar is PTFE.

High Performance FKM Rubber E85 Hose for Car Fuel System

High Performance FKM Rubber E85 Hose for Car Fuel System Professional DIN 73379 FPM Eco Rubber Fuel hose Professional DIN 73379 FPM Eco Rubber Fuel hose manufacturers Our Rubber Hoses are useful for delivering a wide high temperature high pressure steam rubber hose.

Chemical Resistance Table - Parker Hannifin

The service life of rubber hoses is not endless. Consequently the user must periodically check the suitability of a rubber hose for the intended applica-tion, particularly in the presence of dangerous or polluting chemical products or when using the hose at elevated pressures and/or temperatures. Continuous use at the highest allowed pressures

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Buna/Nitrile EPDM FKM Silicone PTFE* Butyl** Bichromate of Soda (Sodium Dichromate) A A A – A A Black Sulfate Liquor A A A – A A Blast Furnace Gas C C A – A C Bleach Solutions D B B – A B

High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (Like Viton® Hose ...

Our Grade A High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (same material used in Viton hose) is intended for biodiesel applications, but can be used in many other various applications. It is 100% compatible with B100 (100% biodiesel). Please check chemical compatibility charts for Type A hose if you intend to use other corrosive fluids.

Fkm rubber compounding - Polycomp

FKM is the polymer of choice for fuel seals, head and intake manifold gaskets, quick-connect o-rings, fuel injection seals of all descriptions, caulks, and advanced fuel hose components. Besides, warrantees are getting longer, requiring longer lifetimes of various seals and parts. FKM can often replace less thermally and chemically-stable ...


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE GUIDE ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED chemical resistance guide Pure Chemicals · Mixed Chemicals PVC · CPVC · PP · PVDF · PTFE · PFA EPDM · FPM/FKM (Viton ®) · Nitrile · CPE

Hoses for peristaltic hose pump | Albin Pump

5 materials are only available for ALP hose pump : - NORPRENE > High resistance for chemical fluids with sulfuric acid. - TYGON® > High resistance for chemical fluids like hydrochloric acid at 100%. - NEOPRENE > High resistance for chemical fluids with alcohol. - SILICONE > High resistance for chemical fluids with aluminium sulfate.

Viton™ Fluoroelastomer FKM Sheet Rubber Products from ...

Get information about Viton™ Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Sheet Rubber products available at WARCO BILTRITE. All WARCO BILTRITE Viton™ products are manufactured uwith 100% genuine virgin Viton™ FKM Fluoroelastomer polymer.

Industrial Hose Products/List Prices June 3, 2002

® The world's most trusted name in belts, hose and hydraulics. 139 ® Industrial Hose Products/List Prices 39496-000 January 1, 2003 Supersedes 39496-000 June 3, 2002 Chemical Resistance Table The Chemical Resistance Table was compiled for use as a guide in selecting the most satisfactory hose tube and cover stocks for specific chemical ...

Hydrin ECO Rubber Elastomers | Zeon Chemicals

Hydrin enables lower cost fuel hoses compared to other constructions. Mono- and multi-layer fuel hoses are common applications of Hydrin. In multi-layer hoses, bis-phenol cured Hydrin provides excellent adhesion to the FKM inner layer and reinforcing braid while the …

Catalog 4800 — Parker Industrial Hose

Parker Industrial Hose Customer Service 95 866 810 HOSE (4673) 800 242 HOSE (4673) Strongsville, OH South Gate, CA Eastern USA Western USA e-mail: [email protected] Heavy Duty Dock Hose – Dock Petroleum Service Series SW356 Series SW356 is a heavy duty oil suction and discharge (OS&D)/dock hose for transferring


fkm delivery hose for chemical products, application delivery hose for aggressive chemical products, acids at high concentration . for further information, please check…

Chemical Resistance Guide - Gilson Eng

materials are used for the layers. Layered composite material pipe may have chemical resistance that differs from the chemical resistance of the individual material. Such resistance however, is a function both of temperatures and concentration, and there are many reagents which can be handled for limited temperature ranges and concentrations.


gradient dots.d 1 2016-12-06 912 PM thermoid_header_left_pg.pdf 1 2017-01-31 3:43 PM 800.543.8070 in TRODUCT i O n ABOUT THERMOID Founded in 1883, Thermoid® manufactures one of the widest lines of industrial rubber products

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China SAE J30 R9 5/16 Inch FKM Eco Auto Fuel Hose, Find details about China Fuel Hose, Braided Fuel Hose from SAE J30 R9 5/16 Inch FKM Eco Auto Fuel Hose - …

Rubber Material Selection Guide FKM or Fluorocarbon ...

♦ Chemical Resistance Acids, Dilute Good to Excellent Acids, Concentrated Good to Excellent Fair to Good Acids, Organic (Concentrated) Poor to Good Acids, Inorganic Good to Excellent 1 Robinson Rubber Products – Fluoroelastomers ... FKM or Fluorocarbon / Fluoroelastomer

Composite Hose—What's In It? - United Flexible

 · Composite hose is also utilized for aggressive chemicals and maintaining chemical purity. They are more rugged than standard Teflon hose as a result. Other uses include: in-plant suction and discharge service; tank car and railcar transfer; and, lube oil blending as well as for all applications needed in Marine ship-to-shore activities.

Tank Fittings |

The Tank Fittings designed for liquid application are durable units that are offered in various material constructions, such as polypropylene or stainless steel. The tank fittings are offered in a wide range of sizes and NPT thread patterns.

Materials: FKM, Nitrile, Silicone, Polyurethane, EPDM ...

Virgin PTFE is used for spring-energized seals, V-packings, 0-rings, back-up rings, wiper, rod and piston profiles, valve seats & seals and machined components used in the chemical industry, food processing equipment and other high temperature and low friction sealing applications.